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View Diary: Nobody could've predicted that slashing budgets crashes economies (151 comments)

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  •  PS I didn't rec, fb, tweet bcuz I want (0+ / 0-)

    My status restored.

    I did it because that chart is the most perfect thing I've seen so far to show exactly what I've been thinking I've been seeing going on.

    And I intend to show it to as many people as I can in whatever form I can.

    I'm so glad my daughter, who graduated summa cum laude in Public Planning and Policy from the University of Oregon (one of the best) in 2009, all jazzed about working on Public Transportation, and then had to work at a restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico for nine months because nobody was hiring in her field, finally got a relatively decent paying job in July of this year (the peak) working for a private company that uses HUD money to buy foreclosed houses to fix them up and sell them as affordable housing.

    Fortunately she can now hang on to that job while she goes to graduate school at the University of New Mexico. That helps make it so she doesn't have to get so many loans to go to school (on top of the ones she already has).

    Another month and it wouldn't have been there.  And who knows how long it will last?

    So I'm jazzed about that graph because it shows what many of us are literally living with.



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