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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren's courage is contagious (133 comments)

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  •  Sure, his push for mandatory health insurance (AKA (0+ / 1-)
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    Romneycare), from which the HC industry will make billions while ordinary folks see premiums rise. Ongoing bailouts for wall street banks that crashed the economy, while top execs are still benefiting obscenely from taxpayer money. Continuation of the Bush tax cuts for "job creators" while prescribing more "shared sacrifice" to the middle and working class of this country and demanding that all those whiny black folks complaining about "poverty", "rising inequality" and "joblessness" do "their part" to solve these problems, as he recently told the Congressional Black Caucus. In the meantime, the " War on Terror" marches on and expands to a few more countries, to the delight of the ever encroaching, drone-producing, military industrial complex, etc, etc.

    And of course, you should see him "fight" for the political causes he believes in...........

    Please people, please......

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