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  •  Black Max, well said. However, to gain solidarity (4+ / 0-)

    labels & assumptions really will not help. Re this:

    objections coming from the crowd variously labeled the "limousine liberals," "Birkenstock liberals" (what we call them at Chez Max), "hothouse liberals," or the term I'm seeing on Twitter, "Grey Poupon liberals." They're either too arrogant and smug to think that the "unwashed" can mount any kind of significant protests of any kind without their leadership, or confused that the protesters didn't come to them for guidance and leadership.

    A way needs to be found to connect the dots & include the actions of the above.  So that there is sustained movement on multiple fronts.  Not everyone can physically demonstrate, after all.

    And lest we forget, those activists of the cultural decade that spanned 1963-1974 would not think this:

    More of them are not necessarily opponents, they're just not convinced that protests driven a group of unorganized "dilettantes" or "teenaged hippies" or "V for Vendetta obsessives" or whatever can have any real significance

    That "group" gets it, trust me.

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