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    Black Max

    Let's make it simple:

    Level Wall Street.  Turn the entire length of the street, to the depth of every building currently fronting (addressed) on the Street into a park with a pretty brick terrace walk down the center.  The demolition and replanting can be financed by the nationalization/seizure of all assets held by those firms, and the planting itself can be done as community service work by the former CEO's.

    Seized assets to be evaluated by a special agency of forensic accountants out of Treasury, who can assign them either to be repatriated to the most interested parties (debtors, workers, etc.), maintained as income-producing property by the Treasury to fund social mitigation programs, or sold (if both productive and non-toxic) to cooperatives representing the actual stakeholders in the asset.  Funds to be set aside for assisting the City of New York in the long-term economic adjustment to finding a productive source of core income and reducing the excessive population originally attracted to service Wall Street money.

    I think you could get an 80% or so sign-on to that much.

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