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    Very nice summary.

    Let me add a little anecdote.

    Yesterday someone wrote a diary whining about how we shouldn't attack the rich because "rich" is a subjective term.  I was making the point that the focus of our anger was on the plutocrats, not the petty bourgeois shopkeep or country lawyer.  Into the the conversations stepped a particularly nasty little reactionary creature who immediately started red-baiting me by focusing on my sig line.  This reactionary tool of the plutocrats started going off on how evil I was for quoting Mao and how Mao was the same as Hitler (!), etc., etc.  When I challenged this idiot to put forth some real arguments based on investigation and evidence, all he could come up with is that he'd read books about Mao and was a college history teacher (a pretty damn sad statement about the college that hired him.)  He offered not one single argument.  He throws some shit out there about Mao having killed 70 million people, not knowing of course that that number was produced by academic fraudsters Jung and Halliday, whose book is taken for the garbage that it is by serious historians of the period in question.  

    Anyway, long story short, he has minions hr are me because he couldn't actually construct an argument based on evidence and apparently also went to the Kos Kops to knock down my bar level by one.  

    Moral of the story: what people call the "left" blogosphere is swarming with people who like to think of themselves as progressive but who when you look just beneath surface show themselves to be anticommunist/anti-radical tools that would make Joe McCarthy proud.

    We should rid our ranks of all impotent thinking. All views that overestimate the strength of the enemy and underestimate the strength of the people are wrong. -- Mao Zedong

    by GiveNoQuarter on Sun Oct 02, 2011 at 01:00:21 AM PDT

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