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View Diary: Wall Street might not be growing tulips, but it's still spreading manure (153 comments)

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  •  I have photocopied and distributed (4+ / 0-)

    copies of "Three Times Is Enemy Action" since last year. I give these to Wall Street types, brokers and retail gonifs.

    I simply don't ever want the takers to think that we givers on the professional left are the "greater fools" they seek.

    It's useful.  Some of them think whatever they think, but I have yet to see a glint of fear in their eyes ever.  Much like psychopaths, they endure, certain in their delusion that they cannot be defeated. They are the type that grandly proclaim they are doing "God's work."

    As a prophylactic, such persons should be arrested for making such claims; they should be medically treated for demonstrating such delusions.

    It's a target-rich environment.

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      DRo, blueoasis, tardis10

      i think that essay is still the closest I've come to laying out the history of how we got to this place. I've made a lot of clumsy arguments, but the "three times" essay is one I'm happy to see out there.

      Now if we can manage to get across just how few people have actually been on the winning end of this tulip market. That a grand total of three people contributed 90% of the money for Crossroads GPS is just one indicator of what a tiny fragment of the nation our rulers actually are, but what an outsized impact they have in setting the national agenda.

      •  Good God, only three people...? (0+ / 0-)

        We live in an era of pre-crime!

        They are so brave....yet their delusions persist even with the ropes around their necks!

        Don't they realize that we now live in a dangerous world (Medieval) in which upstanding men, even politicians AND LAWYERS, can assassinate so-called enemies - like al Awlaki - anywhere in the world without legal sanction at all?

        At some point, the ropes will be for them. Do they think that an armed gatehouse will stop the mob?

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