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View Diary: Wall Street might not be growing tulips, but it's still spreading manure (153 comments)

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  •  It is indeed the central point of OWS (5+ / 0-)

    By that I mean it will be a struggle that goes beyond this election cycle, beyond a 2nd OHB term, beyond even this cycle of Redistricting.

    Regulation means creating and enforcing transparent and functional "rules of the road" to most of us. To the current Financial Elites, it means putting a ceiling potential profit - which has the practical effect of reducing the pool of "greater fools" referenced in this diary. With such a widely understood ceiling on foreseeable high end return, mundane ordinary returns on investment from activity such as manufacturing, retail, consumer services, etc. look much less unappealing. Certainly acceptable to the risk averse investment community that is the majority of us

    I'm not against investing. I'm not against the amassing of great wealth. But I am against guaranteeing the current crop of Financial Elites the "manner to which they've grown accustomed" in return for essentially no positive contribution to the rest of us. Their "job" is not "Job Creator." Their "job" is assessing and evaluating the merits and profit potential of economic activities and ideas and "voting" with their assets. AND ACCEPTING THE LOSS WHEN THEY ARE PROVEN WRONG. They have come to believe that being wealthy is something just shy of divine right...or maybe not just shy of

    The so-called "rising tide" is lifting only yachts.

    by Egalitare on Sun Oct 02, 2011 at 07:52:16 AM PDT

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