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View Diary: First Officical Statement From #Occupy Wall Street (73 comments)

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  •  every single step of this has mirrored Tahrir (4+ / 0-)

    including all the outside critiques.

    It's fascinating to see that.

    Those kids in Tahrir Square brought down a dictatorship. But the first couple of weeks the international criticism of them was, "they don't have a message" then, "there messages are all over the place".

    They used the same organizing principles being used in NYC. It's very different than what we're used to. It is relentless leaderless and relentless inclusive. They will always err on the side of including more rather than less. This allows everyone to feel like they had their perspective included. It takes time to get from echoing the specifics of every single voice to crystalizing that into a more polished form.

    It will all be okay. This is a movement, not a protest. There may be protests within the movement. The protests may lead to some immediate actions with the system we're living to ameliorate some harm, but the movement is about a fundamental shift in a way of being a society. These shifts are so profound that it will take a lot of time for many of us to get past the ingrained perspectives we have been brainwashed to have. We simply don't know that there is a different way, which is better. We can't imagine it. But the movement is offering a better way and ultimately the revolution would be about ending "representative" democracy and engaging everyone in direct democracy.

    One has to have a different faith and allow things to unfold in a completely different way for direct democracy. The criticisms we're seeing are from people whose minds are still rooted in the modalities they have been trained to believe in. They have no faith in this new model. So, if it doesn't unfold the way they believe "success" unfolds, they criticize. They even mock. It will take time to watch what happens and see if we can learn.

    Please remember to Witness Revolution. It means so much to them that we pay attention.

    by UnaSpenser on Sat Oct 01, 2011 at 09:36:14 PM PDT

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