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View Diary: First Officical Statement From #Occupy Wall Street (73 comments)

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  •  who are you to say they don't (0+ / 0-)

    Were you there to see the process? How do you know this doesn't represent them?
    Who are you to say that they didn't come up with this a group?

    It shows a wide variety of items. That reflects a group consensus. Why go small when you have been there for weeks now? Being focused and going for specific achievable policy targets has been what Obama and people who ahve been called 'Obama-bots' on this site have been criticized for. Not reaching enough, not standing on principle.

    They are going big, let them go big and stay there.

    No one on the right complains when the tea party wants to close the border and wipe out the EPA.
    Let them go big and put pressure on people in power.

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