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View Diary: Rick Perry's Newest Problem: His Fond Memories of "Niggerhead" and Growing Up in a Sundown Town (229 comments)

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  •  Ever hear of Paxton and Cairo Illinois? (11+ / 0-)

    When we took trips by car to Chicago in the 50s, all of us knew not to stop there especially, if we got there by night. There were many towns like that between my home town in Mississippi and Chicago. Some of us came up missing on the way. I remember the brown paper bags, lunch buckets and the gas cans we always carried with us. Most of the places wouldn't allow us in their bathrooms and that included some places in southern Illinois. There were a lot of what they called "niggerland and niggertowns"in this country. Those were the places where the population was nearly all blacks who owned land. Like "niggerland Texas, most of that land was taken away and the blacks forced to leave.

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