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View Diary: Six NEW Reasons To Support #OccupyWallStreet (126 comments)

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  •  First Step, Identify the Problem (18+ / 0-)

        According to the AA 12 step program the first step towards solving a problem is to recognize that you have one.   Occupy Wall Street identifies the problem as the system enriches the few,  but not the remainder of the population.   The newsreaders in the corporate media will always try to find the strangest looking person with the least common cause to represent protest against corporate power, but the central idea of the protest comes across.  
         If you want to change crony capitalism, this diary makes the case that it's not going to come from Obama, Geithner, or the DC elites.    If your funds are limited, supporting Occupy Wall Street makes more sense than  contributing to Obama's reelection or to the election of Wall Street promoting Democrats.   We can only hope that the inevitable agent provocateurs will not be successful in provoking violence or in turning Occupy Wall Street away from its core message.          

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