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  •  I was (10+ / 0-)

    driving to work this morning listening to talking radio asshat who was just baffled about what this whole thing is ABOUT.

    I get why he's confused, he was talking about demands.

    I think the one demand we should focus on is the total concentration of power and money in a few hands at the top, everything else is merely a symptom of that.

    There needs to be more of a focus, but damn, you did help remind Fox that they are a huge part of the problem confusing people and making sure that they don't know what the problem is.

    They don't want people to know what the real issue is.  Wish I too had something to give, I will be sure to give a drop in the bucket later this week.

    I was planning on writing a whole diary on this thought, that the message is about this one thing, money and power in too few hands and everything has evolved out of that, but I know and worry right now that I will get clobbered for that.

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