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View Diary: Today, I Closed My Bank of America Account. #OccupyWallStreet (81 comments)

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    the first step towards getting the vampire squid off your face. We banked at WaMu for years as it was close by and 'convenient they went from being a decent regional bank to being total asshole crooks what treated us like criminals. We also had a really dicey mortgage which was about to explode. Our tax accounted in 2008 right before the total crash recommended getting our mortgage refinanced at OnPoint. the former Oregon State Teacher's Credit Union.  We moved our accounts first all three of them business personal and savings. We just made it before WaMu got ate by Chase.

    We established ourselves with them and applied for a mortgage. It was quite an eye opening revelation for both our banking and our mortgage. Good rates, no bundling dicing and slicing and selling and the closing cost's were minimal. Our contact was about 6 pages instead of the size of a major book. Our loan officer even helped us clear up our credit rating as we had a tax issue that was seemingly uncorrectable. They traced it down to an repeating filing error in the computerized CA state  tax system that was paid long ago and just kept replicating.

     Same with our accounts. it is like night and day. Any 'inconvenience' is well worth what you get in return.  they are not out to getcha and make a profit off your persona;l finances. We have a business credit card with them and that too is so much better. I look at it this way they too big's make it convenient to pick your pocket and keep you down. This way even if I have to drive across town to deposit my clients checks nobody puts a hold on them or charges me huge rates just because I'm one of the 99%.

    as an added bonus the money stays in your community your local economy and the bankster's don't get to use your money as an ante for their casino.        

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