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View Diary: Origins of Occupy Wall Street and Prefigurative Politics (83 comments)

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  •  I just finished... (3+ / 0-)
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    Shockwave, TDreamer, Josiah Bartlett

    Debt the First 5000 years.  Great book, except the last chapter which, like so many anthropological books, is a wish for a better species to study.  Wish you were here to respond.  Better approach, Hierarchies in the Forest and the issue of egalitarian culture wherein if you want egalitarianism you have to organize to bring those who assert they are superior down, not assert the right for everyone like Americans do with their focus on everyone having a been there done that story and thus deserving, but a focus on bringing those who assert dominance down to the same level as everyone else.  It works.

    •  I left the last chapter (6+ / 0-)

      intentionally open-ended rather than mapping out any particular prescriptions. I wanted to arm people with material they could use to do that themselves. What do you mean by "wish for a better species to study?"

      •  Since the first.... (1+ / 0-)
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        Josiah Bartlett

        self-aggrandizer captured the surplus and through feasting created indebtedness and instituted a form of social inequality the process has remained pretty much the same.  With anthropologists the tendency is to do the research and present what people actually do, as you did in Debt, but then propose something different. A jubalee is not forth coming thus the most likely future is one of declining marginal returns to the complexity that financial people have created and a collapse.  I also think that the narcissistic hyper-individualism of Americans will prevent them from real action to reduce the current social inequality by directly addressing it, some simply have way too much, have captured way too much of the surplus and must be brought down.  Retirement Heist by Schulz is a good example.  Really did love your book, trying to find a way to use it in classes.  Miss you on anthro-l.

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