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View Diary: Israel's Tahrir[3]: Ripple Effect on Politicians, Financiers Continues... (11 comments)

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  •  I have the BBC report and the IBA TV report (10+ / 0-)

    on Bibi intermingled in my mind and am not sure which source said what but the consensus of CW seems to be that Bibi has been weakened and may even be on his way out as his defense of the new units in East Jerusalem seems to have enraged everyone as he argues the new housing is not settlement construction so it does not violate any new construction in OT objections and at the same time represents how his administration is providing housing for the social protestors in answer to their complaints.  Confusing enough?

    Current analyses indicate that while Bibi has been weakened, should it lead to elections, the RW stands to gain as many as 28 seats in the Knesset.  It is dismaying to realize that Bibi may represent the moderate viewpoint in the current Israeli government

    •  It may be that one of the things Bibi is doing (3+ / 0-)
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      to strengthen his own position is all of this we hear about how Gilo, on the eastern edge of what he claims is merely Jerusalem, that is, Israeli,  is not a settlement despite its western view of the Green line, because in the prior unsuccessful deals, Israel was supposed to get it, so it should be treated as if Israel has already gotten it.The Obama proposal to the contrary, '67 line with agreed swaps, vanishes as if never uttered.There will be no swaps at least in QOL territory.  And any quibbling about Gilo by others, the German government for example, is unfair and etc etc.

      He's not talking about remedies for West of Green Line Israelis in response to the tent protests, but risk theretofore insufficiently clearly recognized by Quality of LIfe settlers / East of Greenliners, from any talk at all about borders. And dreaming aloud again about how Judea and Samaria are and always have been the Israelis', matter who actually lived there or lives there now.

      What this does politically is increase the perceived threat level of all of those previously secure Quality of Life settlers who thought they were out of the area of risk and line of fire, and assure them that Bibi in particular WILL take care of them. There was a lovely article in what I think was yesterdays' columns from either The Troubadour or Assaf, out of the Guardian relinked herewhich pointed out just how much underwriting these Quality of LIfe folk got from the government, enough to make sensible people gag, especially when West of Green Line Israelis got so much less. And it's been going on for a very long time.

      The claim made in today's verison of this article is that the gummint has also approved lots and lots of Arab Housing, but . . . .I can't remember reading about any of it in the Israeli papers in the last few years.

      Ma'an also mentioned that October 23, after Sukkot, is a date set for a meeting on the Quartet 'negotiations' to set an agenda.  This is about to get interesting, and Bibi is stirring the pot of insecurity for IMO his own survival reasons, as well as his argument for 'facts on the ground' in those discussions.

      Hints of other trouble are also all over the papers. Although the mosque bombed in Galilee now has no suspects as perpetrators, which means it probably never will, there was a riot and sixteen "Bedouin" protesters were arrested - I did not think the Arab citizens of Galilee were called Bedouins. The same articles also pointed out that there are no suspects for the four mosque attacks in the last year, and worrying by military talking heads that these sorts of attacks, may trigger new intifada style rioting.  

      Crank up the perceived risk and then folk who are economically hurting will be distracted and forget about the budget, because Bibi is there to protect you, and you don't want a big change in the middle of a war.

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