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View Diary: Israel's Tahrir[3]: Ripple Effect on Politicians, Financiers Continues... (11 comments)

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  •  Will the resulting change (1+ / 0-)
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    be to the right or the left?  I like your assessment of the role reversal of Bibi and Lieberman which started with Bibi not trusting his Foreign Minister.  

    But if it goes to or at least towards Labor, could be interesting.  

    What do they mean by the report doesn't go far enough?

    When shit happens, you get fertilized.

    by ramara on Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 07:31:05 PM PDT

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      1. Generally speaking, consecutive election results in Israel behave like a "right-left" pendulum. In 2009 the pendulum swung as hard right as it possible seems; so odds have been already towards a leftward swing. This expectation is strongly re-inforced by recent events, and by secondary aspects that I won't bother you with detailing.

      2. The Trajtenberg report largely aggregates steps that have already been offered or in planning. For example, they do not directly address the housing-bubble crisis which was the last straw driving people to the streets - instead it recommends the law the government passe this summer, which is widely seen as a "shock doctrine" neoliberal move to send a lot of public lands into the hands of crony contractors with little oversight or regulation.
      As my post exemplifies, much of the damage to Israel's economy was via rabid privatization and deregulation of essential services and commodities. While the report talks about "breaking up monopolies", I don't think it really emphasizes the government's role as regulator, and the need to retain some thing under public rather than private ownership. I'm pretty sure it doesn't properly address the health-system crisis, whose roots can be traced back to the outrageous decision to exempt employers from any payment into the system.

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