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View Diary: Chasing off illegals is harming Georgia farmers (11 comments)

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    I was confused about how I felt about the 'problem of illegal immigrants' until I heard Rep. Dennis Kucinich speak about the issue. He said that there is no such thing as an illegal person. Just people doing illegal things. And then he went on to say that many many people do illegal things: some people cheat on their taxes; some people smoke a toke. Some people drink more than they think and then drive. Others just drive too fast sober... some people take advantage of others in need by paying them a pittance to do a dangerous job while also flaunting the nation's employment laws. Some people, he said, follow after where the work is, in order to provide for their families, even if it means disregarding the particular laws that apply to their situation. Which of these is no longer legally a person?

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