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    Even with those of us who pay for our own insurance. I've been self employed for 20+ years and have always paid for my own health insurance. A strange thing happens when you make any kind of claim... it immediately goes up. If for some reason cash is a little shy and you slip a month and have filed a claim ( any claim) in the prior year or 3 your insurance is summarily canceled. No appeal.

    Now you are uninsured (as in canceled- which in the health insurance biz is like bankruptcy) so it's pretty hard to get any insurance with a pre-existing condition. But Wait: Just like in the loan shark biz, there are short term emergency major medical health plans that are good for up to 6 months that you pay out the butt for with Huge deductibles and massive restrictions. Then you wait 6 months with your policy from Scumbag Insurance Inc and apply for Health insurance from a rated company with a high deductible...around $2,000 to start will get you in the door.

    Here's a word of advice for anyone who contemplates living with out health insurance. Don't do it. Even if you have to get a high deductible ( $5000-$10000) etc, your hospital bills will go to the insurance company first and you will only have to reimburse at the rate the insurance company pays which as mention about is 50% or even 30% of what the non-insured are charged.

    There may be people who think ....well screw that...I'll skip the hospital bill. Not so fast. The hospitals are now suing the uninsured. Since the uninsured usually work at some crappy job and can't afford a lawyer they can't show up in court. So they are arrested and jailed. Yes...there is a debtors prison and with this new bankruptcy bill it's gonna get worse.

    So for you younger folks who put cable or eating as a higher priority than a high deductible health insurance plan. My advise is to cancel one of them...and get what insurance you can at the cheapest price you can.

    Here's a real story of a friend who had all his assets in his house. He had no health insurance and found himself with a little stomach ache. Like most of us, he blew it off. Turns on his appendix was going bad. It blew and it took close to a quarter of a million in hospital bills to fix him.

    He was semi-smart though. He quickly sold the house. Bought a R.V and is currently incummicado and on the run from the debtor police. But I'm guessing running might get old after a few years and he'll want to see his family & friends again What then? What if he gets sick again? So...what happened here. Happens all the time...Many people dying from the fear of HBD (Hospital Bill Disease)- 1000s everyday.

    I'm sorry for your loss, but hopefully it'll wake a few people up a save a few lives.

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