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View Diary: Poll: Obama now trusted more than Republicans on job creation (92 comments)

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  •  The President needs to call them out by name (2+ / 0-)
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    eps62, delphine

    like he recently began doing to the Right. They are just as obstructive and a part of the problem as the Right. Then it needs to be made clear to them that if they don't support this Bill there will be NO support for them in their next re-election efforts. There are better Dems out there who support what Our President AND the People want and the WH and the Dem Party should vigorously pursue them. This will be a strongly populist campaign...with buyers remorse aplenty against the GOP. If campaigns are run on this we can gain back a lot of seats and maybe even replace some DINOs. I know, the Left usually plays nice, specifically within it's own Party but if you are truly going to push for the 99%ers then the DINOs SHOULD be more than a bit concerned.

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