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View Diary: Poll: Obama now trusted more than Republicans on job creation (92 comments)

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    michelewln, Gay CA Democrat

    I guess people are paying attention after all. There's hope left. Compromise was attempted, and it failed. Now it is abundantly clear: people want someone who is willing to fight for them.

    For it was only by Democratic timidity that Republicans could be content doing nothing and obstructing everything. When Democrats have the courage to act, and shake things up, that tends to startle a few people. Obama has done the smart thing, and with this jobs bill of his, he has thrown down the gauntlet and called their bluff. Even if they manage to block it, he is the one who attempted to put America back to work, he is the one who is visibly standing up for the middle class. And it is the Republicans who are now forced to defend themselves, to explain themselves, and tell the American people to their faces exactly why it is so important that Obama's "agenda" fail that we must continue to suffer under this wretched economy. Let them be seen for what they are.

    Many Americans fear that universal health care would destroy their way of life. In that it would get them the anti-psychotic meds they need, I agree.

    by ThothXXI on Wed Oct 05, 2011 at 10:11:34 AM PDT

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