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View Diary: Foreclosures + Unemployment = Diabetes + Heart Failure + Anxiety + Depression + Suicide (15 comments)

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  •  I think I may have averaged 2-3 a month (2+ / 0-)
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    sockpuppet, Steven D

    for the last 16 months.  I've been out for 21 months now.  Yet, no offers.  I'm either over qualified or under qualified.  I've even had a few second interviews.

    •  I thought it was my own character-failing (2+ / 0-)
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      nchristine, dfarrah

      that the spouse and I have had so much listless inertia this past summer.   We got stuff done around the house and the yard, but not nearly as much as needs doing.   It's been because we're so discouraged, and sometimes, just like deer-in-the-headlights frozen inaction.

      Late this summer, we started getting some jobs (we're a residential remodeling construction company), only a couple we could sink our teeth into, like the old days.  Others are just nig-nag stuff ("Please come fix our doors/windows/fences/rotted siding, etc."), but we do it because it all adds up.  Hopefully.

      But I hear ya about going on the interviews and not getting the jobs.   We spent many long hours working up intricate, accurate project estimates (and as nice presentations, too) that would've been lucrative for us, and for which we used to charge for the estimate process in the flush days.   Then after we submit, even with stellar references, some other company gets the job.

      I don't know why we are being outbid on the jobs.  We are already working at 1992 prices.   And all of our sub trades are also desperately lowering their prices.  Who is working for even less than this??  We wonder.

      I'm just a little relieved to read that we're not alone in this funk feeling.   It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  What next?  

      But then again, at least we still have everything we came into the recession with since October 2008.   An adequately warm house.   Good running vehicles.  Health insurance, sort of (junk policies), our satellite tv and internet connections.  Stuff like that.   Others, as we acutely are aware of, do not and are struggling much worse than we are.   And we haven't had any natural disasters around here this year (earthquake country, however).

      So I guess we're actually doing well just treading water here, so to speak.   We're not circling the drain anymore, but maybe by Christmas, who knows.

      It feels a little better to be able to verbalize all this.  Mostly we have to keep up a "Pollyanna" positivity around our community, because so many of our friends are in dire straits.   I worry what will happen to them in the coming months....

      •  Yes, it's good to get it out. It's so difficult (3+ / 0-)
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        sockpuppet, Steven D, dfarrah

        to keep up appearances.  I've always been a bit frugal in my spending.  So, when the writing started showing up on the walls back in mid 2008, I started saving up as much of my income as I could.  I had managed to keep the majority of my expenses down to what I was getting for unemployment (except things like property tax, car insurance).  But, unemployment ran out in early July.

        I've put my resume up on the job boards/sites..... I've gotten 'cold calls' from recruiters about jobs.  One of the things that I've seen that bugs the living hell out of me is that there are 'recruiting' companies that are scraping company web sites' jobs/career pages and listing them as their own jobs.  I've seen as many as 30 listings for one 'real' position.

        I've been talking with a 'recruiter' today.  He's of the opinion I can get my house packed up, sold/rented/something and in Boston in two weeks.  Bite me.  I have no idea if this is a real position or what.  I have no idea what company it is.  I have no idea if it's contract or permanent.  Nothing other than they're looking for a mainframe computer programmer.  I'm going in with the attitude it's practice.  If this is a 'real' job, I'll try for telecommute......  My 'price' would go down cause cost of living here in Iowa is much lower than in Boston.

        I want the jobs to come back to the US..... thank you very much..... I'm a computer programmer and a damned good one too.  I've been around computers for 40 years (and I'm 46).  There's nothing terribly new about either mainframe or pc programming.  All the languages have the same basic core concepts.  Yes, there are different tools used, but they're not that hard to figure out.  Now, if you wanted me to talk in Assembler and/or binary, we'd have a problem.

        I need to stop my venting.... sometimes it does help to get it out.  If you want to 'talk' email me at christinenotes at gmail dot com

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