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View Diary: Pandemic Update 2: Bush Fatigue Syndrome advances (41 comments)

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  •  9/11 (4.00)
    trumps everything.  We saw that in the election.

    Every time there was a challenge to their power:  9/11 to the rescue.  It was like someone threw a switch in the national consciousness, and WHAM, everybody snapped to attention in a distinctly robotic manner.  And if pure rhetoric didn't work, they upped the terror alert level to "Freak Out Now."  That little strategy sucked the bounce right out of Kerry's convention numbers.

    No WMD?  9/11
    Saddam?  9/11
    Patriot Act?  9/11
    More money for Iraq?  9/11
    Social Security?  9/11 will be in there somewhere.

    Fear trumps everything.  Remember the bozos who wrapped their houses in plastic?  If they can't make 9/11 work, they'll engender fear of "activist judges" or "suppression of religious freedom."  And if none of that works, which I think it will, then you'll see a "terrorist" blowing himself up on 5th Avenue.

    Don't misunderestimate these guys.  They are the Goebbels of our time.

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