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View Diary: BREAKING: Arrests/Kettling Reported at #OccupyWallStreet March That Hit 15,000-20,000 (333 comments)

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  •  Tyrants learn from the best. (2+ / 0-)
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    zedaker, drawingporno

    We Americans have it backwards.

    We aren't taking a page out of their book- they took a page out of ours.

    Any wonder that we bomb the shit out of dictators that no longer wish to be handled?

    Any wonder that they always point to our crimes against humanity? (Let us not be naive here, please)

    Our nation has been the biggest threat to peace on the block since the USSR fell out of the running.

    Wars of aggression. Trampling of international law. Torture. Assassination. Funding of extremist militants who serve our purposes at the moment. Training those who lead death squads (hello Western Hemisphere). Counting the dead isn't our problem.

    In the name of democracy, freedom, and human rights. The face the rest of the planet knows is being revealed to us- once again.

    Finally people are doing something about it. Hell, even my city of Winston-Salem is planning events. About time.

    Read this.

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