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View Diary: House Democrats call for congressional hearings on Clarence Thomas (114 comments)

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  •  I suggest that you are not correct (2+ / 0-)
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    Justanothernyer, VClib

    I've never done that.  I have said that I'm not a partisan and don't automatically think everything a Democrat says must be true and everything a Republican says must be a lie -- that I look for facts to support either.  

    I have also said that I have very very very very right wing Republican relatives on the west coast, and very very very very leftish relatives on the East Coast.  (They both tend to view me as the mediator between the two.)

    I HAVE, on more than one instance, self-identified as a capitalist in response to people who, from a Marxist perspective (use of the classic Marxist terms, etc.) made certain arguments. Yes, I believe in regulated capitalism.  If that's what you are talking about, I don't think the Democratic party has much future politically, because I suspect that the vast majority of the country believes in some form of regulated capitalism.  

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