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View Diary: Secret government panel can put Americans on 'kill list' (381 comments)

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    DKOS being flabergasted during the 9/11 commission investigations and the publication of Richard Clarke's book because of the extent W was shown to be marginalizing everybody who tried to warn him what was underfoot. He literally turned a blind eye until it happend. It was obvious at the time that the outgoing Clinton admin tried to warn the W team about AQ, and had several counter-terror plans in development for Gore /Bush to take on board when they took office.

    And those plans called for exactly the sort of things Obama is doing now. expanded drones, agressive counter-terror raids, all of it covert and much of it outside current law. I belive Gore was quoted in one of the books published at the time. He was consulted while VP about some AQ suspect, being told that it was illegal to grab someone from wherever he was found. His response? "Of course its illegal. He's a terrorist. Go grab his ass."

    so lets not pretend that these questions have easy answers or that DKOS is not playing playing a double standard game of its own.

    for my money, Obama has refocused this whole thing exactly the way it needed to be when the system first started "blinking red" in the summer of 2001. AQ showed what could happen when their threats are not taken seriously, and its a mistake we should not repeat. We may never be able to prevent them from exploiting gaps in our open society, but when we can, we should. We did this time. Job well done.

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