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View Diary: Cantor: Occupy Wall Street protestors are a 'mob' (213 comments)

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  •  It already is global, not that our leaders care. (3+ / 0-)
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    I went to the Guardian a week ago to get info on the New York protests because I couldn't find anything worth reading in national news sources.  

    The Guardian was all over it early and, by now, so are most of the international news sources.  Check out Watching America, run by the international press.  

     There are even two 99ers in Namibia!  

    One more point (not that I know anything more than the rest of us do at this point): We're bigger than the tea party....lots more potential for a massive world movement.

    Are our elected Democrats paying attention....that is, publicly acknowledging and supporting this anger?  All I've heard from Obama and Bernanke is you can't blame people for being upset. (Yawn).  Biden says it's like the tea party...well, no, Joe, it's a lot bigger, more grassroots, more real, intelligent, and righteous than the tea party.

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