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  •  im finding more and more (4+ / 0-)

    that the people i most resonante with lately share this:

    ... the changes that we need require a deeper look in the mirror into what our values as a people and a society are. We're so addicted to speed and expediency that the mere thought of slowing down or downsizing evokes dearth and sacrifice. We're so trained to equate convenience and endless choices and stuff with progress that we forget that in the end what gives our lives meaning are often the simple, basic and direct interactions with one another, matters of the heart.

    cause this detactment from the authentic, from the flour on our cheeks and dirt under our fingernails from sweeping and scooping up weeds and random leaves with our hands and eyes tired from laughing or crying or reading too many books as opposed to the glare of computer screens.

    thanks, sven. as always.

    board games rock!

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