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View Diary: Occupy SF Eviction - The More Things Change ... (17 comments)

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  •  I believe I value history more than I used to (14+ / 0-)

    as a student.  If people knew and understood history better than they apparently do, whoever is giving the orders to these cops to act like imbeciles would know that it is going to end badly.  I grew up in Chicago and was a high school student in 1968.  My first thought when NYC cops started acting stupidly was, "Here we go!"  It seemed obvious to me from the beginning that these protests were going to eventually capture the soul of the public and would begin to change the dialog.  (Of course, the minute the Iraq war began I likened it to the Vietnam war; no way to win, endless, etc.  Maybe I just have ESP!)

    Yes, the world is watching,  Yes, the GOP are idiots for trying to denigrate these protests (hopefully, it will come back to bite them with vengeance).  Yes, the minute the police act badly they automatically ensure many more supporters for the protestors.  These guys should have learned from history.

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