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  •  Bernie, I back you so much I campaign for you. (10+ / 0-)

    Please consider the following:

    1) A 1% tax on all Wall Street transactions, not just risky derivatives. Make Wall Street pay a sales tax like Main Street does.

    2) Use the proceeds to forgive student loans, bail out foreclosures, and fund healthcare.

    3) Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Run it as a federally-run entity, the way Alexander Hamilton intended it to be run.

    4) De-militarize US foreign policy. Bring our troops home. Let's have a peace dividend to re-invest in infrastructure.

    That would be a start to funding needed programs and creating needed jobs.

    •  To be fair (1+ / 0-)
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      Since the 1% own 70% of Americans assets, Let them pay for 70% of our defence budget. After all, its their "stuff"(with due credit to the Late George Carlin). The rest of us have but a pot to piss in to lose.

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