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  •   Many years ago after first acquiring a (0+ / 0-)

    credit card, ii wasn't long before I realized that banks were taking charge of how people spent their money (credit card) so they could unfairly take a nice slice for themselves through abusive practices  But what puzzled me about this predation on us and our fellow citizens by the banking industry was that it was all done in full view of everyone, and complained about by almost everyone, yet amazingly, the government never stepped in to do something.about it.  It was then that I first understood that there was something wrong with the government. It was a terrible failure of government that did harm to a great number of people.  Now, of course, many americans understand that our government is corrupt and is controlled by Wall Street and other special interBests.  So the key issue now is how do you fix such a problem when the mechanism needed to correct the problem is corrupt and dysfunctional.  And beyond this major problem you can also expect the rich and powerful special interests will fight change.  The bottom line the way I see it is that it will take a revolution to take down the entire system before you will see any real change.

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