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  •  been there done that (0+ / 0-)

    I am in academia, you can guess what field. Obviously, I have difficulty meeting single women on account of it. Last year, in the middle of a severe dating drought (still ongoing) I met a woman, a graduate student from another department, who was briefly in the course I was teaching (no, not sketchy, I'm only a couple of years older than her). I ran into her after she quit going to the class, and asked her for lunch or something. She was totally into the idea. Later that day she found and added me on facebook. The first thing I saw was an Ayn Rand quote. I proceeded to waffle on arranging a date for lunch. Getting some just wasn't worth it.

    •  I've often joked that I'd like to date Michelle (2+ / 0-)
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      JeffW, godlessmath

      Malkin or Ann Coulter and try out the ole "bedroom conversion" thingie--give me a night with them and I'll have them quoting from "Das Kapital" by the morning.  ;)

      But the sad reality is that, after the initial period where we both just hump like rabbits, the time comes when a couple actually does have to talk to each other--and that's difficult when they're complete polar opposites who vehemently disagree about everything.

      It may work out fine in all the romantic comedy movies, but real life ain't a movie.

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