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View Diary: Republican political leaders want to prevent you from using birth control (160 comments)

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    The problem is a deep cultural prejudice, not just this one issue. Religion helps to perpetuate and worsen the problem, though it isn't the fundamental root of it. Female inferiority is a belief that has been internalized by huge numbers of men AND women in this country.

    I think that the religious right really needs to be confronted on a whole host of issues, with this just being one front in a larger war. They need to be marginalized by society and ridiculed to the point where no one accepts "because the Bible says so" as a reasonable political argument. In order to do that, religion (especially right-wing religion, which is where the real problem is coming from) needs to be stripped of its privileged position in our society. It's absurd that anyone in 2011 thinks that "religious belief" should be treated as some special amulet that invalidates all the other premises of our modern social contract. Many organized religions, including Roman Catholicism in particular, truly believe that their god's "law" trumps our secular law, and would seize total political power over our society if they could do it. Our Enlightenment-era secular political institutions are all that is holding them back.

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