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    First off, on the topic, there sure are similarities between the Tea Party protestors and these protestors.

    And secondly, I was 100% right about Judge Prosser - he didn't strangle anyone! He didn't come close to strangling anyone. Had he, he would have been charged. Judge Bradley should be glad she wasn't charged!

    I was never defending Prosser. I was objecting to an attempt to demonize him without any evidence to enable anyone to do so. Turns out, I was one of the very few posters here who got the situation correct from the very start! He put his hands up to push her away after she physically confronted him and got in his face. Because he was trying to avoid hitting her boobs or her face, his hands ended up hitting her neck area, but as multiple witnesses explained to the investigators, he didn't put her into a chokehold. She grossly exaggerated what happened.

    You're too highly partisan, apparently, to comprehend the difference - that's your flaw, not mine.

    Oh, and fool - stop using logical fallacies when you argue. It makes you look stupid.

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