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View Diary: Where's Your $50,000? (129 comments)

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  •  I agree this claim is a bit dishonest (4+ / 0-)

    If you "give" me $50,000- I a'int giving it back. Sure getting $50,000 interest free for a month is cool, interest free for a year is nifty, but not the same thing as getting $50,000 free and clear.

    Also from the explanation above the table

    PDCF loan of $10 billion that was renewed daily at the same level for 30 business days would result in an aggregate amount borrowed of $300 billion although the institution, in effect, borrowed only $10 billion over 30 days. In contrast, a TAF loan of $10 billion extended over a 1-month period would appear as $10 billion. As a result, the total transaction amounts shown in table 8 for PDCF are not directly comparable to the total transaction amounts shown for TAF and other programs that made loans for periods longer than overnight.

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