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  •  Stop with the "coolness factor". (1+ / 0-)
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    I didn't buy an iPad because I wanted to be cool, look cool, impress people, get chicks, etc.

    I BOUGHT IT BECAUSE IT WORKS.  And, I use it every day for just about everything I do.  It's so nice not having to carry a bulky laptop around, or be tied to my mammoth PC.

    The whole label thing annoys the crap out of me.  Yes, some people (stupidly) think Apple products make them cool, sexy, in, etc, but most users buy them as tools to improve their lives.  I don't care about the name.  The moment Android has anywhere near the software, Imay switch to Android.  I had a iMac and switched to PC purely for needs, not to be 'retro' and 'against the grain'.  

    Stop the stupid labeling.  Please :)?

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