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      There was a statement on that link that seems to pertain to our time:

      The increased labour required to build Maeshowe is not proportional to the number of bodies housed within the tomb. In other words, Maeshowe was built by a large number of people, labouring longer but for the benefit of a few.

      This appears to indicate a situation where an individual, or small group of people, had the power to command and control the labour of others. Whether these were tribal chiefs or some other form of social or religious elite remains unknown.

      What can be seen, however, that where once the smaller communal tombs housed the ancestors of the tribe, by the time of Maeshowe, and similar cairns, the structure had begun to represent a structure reserved for a privileged elite.

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      by glitterscale on Mon Oct 10, 2011 at 06:42:00 AM PDT

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