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  •  C'mon now (none)
    The congress can't hurt the predatory lending industry too much, how are they going to get the funds to get reelected, and as we all know thats the main goal of most in office even it means screwing the little guy and gal in favor of big business, after all it is GOP and GOP light in most cases don't you know.
    •  Brad Sherman (none)
      I live in Sherman's district.  He has always been pretty solid in terms of standing with the majority, so I am surprised to see him on this list.  He is going to get an earful from me on this issue.  If I get a meaningful reply, I'll post it.
      •  CA-27 (none)
        Howdy from a fellow resident of CA-27.  I'm in Granada Hills.  Where are you in this horseshoe-shaped district?

        I will also be contacting him.  I've met him in several occasions and he's a nice guy and very personable.  His official pictures make him look like something of a dork but he's not.  I'll definitely be seeing his mother since we are both delegates to the state convention in 3 weeks from the 38th assembly district so depending on when this comes up in the House I can mention it to her.

        •  Granada Hills eh? (none)
          Me too.  Graduate of GHHS (class of '63), and pretty much a life-long resident.  I've met Sherman a couple of times, and agree with your assesment.  Let's get him turned around on this issue.
          •  yep (none)
            I'm over near Kennedy High, just off of San Fernando Mission and Haskell.  May partner and I moved here in 2001, refugees from the high home prices of Studio City.

            If you're interested in getting more involved in Progressive and Democratic activities in the Valley and the 38th AD, drop me a line at my kos username at  There's new party leadership (of which I'm a part) and we're looking for new people to help us.

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