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  •  You're Still Leaving Something Out (4.00)
    I'm assuming it's unintentional, but you're still not giving us a full enough picture to understand why these eight committee members are going south but the other 21 members aren't.  It's odd to me that it would be these particular eight committee members, but not folks who represent very Republican districts, like Jim Matheson (UT) or Dennis Moore (KS).  Furthermore, these reps aren't, as far as I know, rock-solid liberals like Mel Watt, Nydia Velázquez, Julia Carson or Maxine Waters.

    If you want to effectively lobby these folks, you can't just say "support the good bill," it helps to know A. why you (and thus us) should think it's a good bill and the other one is bad, and B. why they support the bill they do and not the one we would prefer.  

    The fact that this is not falling along the typical "new Democrat" lines--in fact, some of those folks are on that committee, and aren't on your list--tells me there's some funking cross-currents with this particular bill.

    •  I'm trying to flesh out the good, bad and ugly (none)
      of the bill in a thread further down.  I'm not sure that I have a simple answer as to why these Reps signed on while others didn't.
    •  Well ... (none)
      Crowley's district is actually a conservative district, even though it looks Democratic. In the Bronx if you are not a wingnut it makes no sense to register republican.

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