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  •  Just got off the phone with Brad Sherman's people. (none)
    Brad, who represents me here in the San Fernando Valley, has one of the most noble voting records in the entire Congress. So I wasn't about to go bug fuck on his receptionist. But I was very clear about the need to close ranks and stay behind Democratic bills, especially given his courageous but failed amendment to the satanic bankruptcy bill that passed earlier this month.


    I told his receptionist that he happened to be in the crosshairs of a very potent Democratic blog (this one) and she immediately got very interested.  I explained our pedigree (Gannon, Sinclair, Barbara Boxer, etc..) and imparted to her a sense of how we all view the current climate vis-a-vis closing ranks and playing tough.

    Sadly, she'd never heard of us, which shows us how far most of our peeps have to go in keeping up with the times. But she was very receptive to everything I had to say and I'd bet my nuts that I get a phone call from ole Brad sometime in the near future.

    FYI, Brad holds a town hall meeting about once a month. I missed the last one but I can tell you for sure, he's one of us.

    He'll come to his senses on this one.

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