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  •  Is this true about Fox News? (2.33)
    At dinner with friends this past weekend and the discussion turned to our collective displeasure with the current state of politics in this country.  One of the attendees is a reporter for a major financial magazine.  He says that it is widely known in media circles that Fox News gives conservative guests ample prior notification as to content and agenda (including names of other guests) for shows.  Progressive guests, on the other hand, are usually sent in with the barest of information or, essentially "cold."
    Posted late in previous thread... would appreciate help.  Thanks.

    As much as I hate Fox, I expressed my skepticism... just could not believe that the progressive guests would not have blown whistle already.  I pressed for information, but could get nothing more than things like "well-known Fox policy" and that Fox is careful to maintain adequate deniability.  Another attendee said that she had heard this also, but not in mainstream media.

    Has anyone heard of this?  If there is any truth to it, I think it could be a bombshell - Fox news no more real than staged wrestling kind of stuff.

    Please share if you have info or links.

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