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  •  What a fucking crock of shit (4.00)
    I read about this in my small town newspaper today.  The family in the article, Army reservist Steve Welter, his wife and two daughters, had to fight to save their family home from foreclosure.  Keira Welter wrote her husband in Iraq letting him know what was happening.  She contacted the Attorney General's office and members of Congress but received no help until a local television news station picked up her story which prompted Senator Pat Roberts, R Kansas, to intervene.  Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Company finally backed off and withdrew the forecloser notice.

    In the same article they referred to another reservist family whose home was saved the day before they would have been foreclosed on.  

    It was stated in the article that most companies understand the law about active duty servicepersons but that smaller banks are often not 'enlightened' about the law.  

    Wouldn't Wells Fargo be shocked to learn they are amongst the small loaning institutions of our fair land and thus excused for not being on top of the laws for our servicemen and women?

    Absolute executive power absolutely tortures.

    by caliberal on Sun Mar 27, 2005 at 08:09:41 PM PST

    •  Wells Fargo (none)
      I've heard their name mentioned frequently in claims of predatory lending.
    •  Wells Fargo (none)
      Has always served as a good target for populist agitation.  
    •  3 ID's & a fingerprint for a $200 check... (none)
      Give me a break and if at all possible give Wells Fargo the fingerprint. I will NEVER go in a Wells Fargo Bunk again!

      Tip: Next time you get cash from ANY bank take their cash to the manager and ask for a marking pen... make sure it's real.

      I used to do it to the tellers but then realized they were just doing their $8.50/hr job... ergo, they feel like sh*t already.

      PS - Good luck to you youngin's... as you'll probably need it.

      PSS- Happy Easter.

      "There is no such thing as a weird human being. It's just that some people require more understanding than others." - Tom Robbins

      by SteveK on Sun Mar 27, 2005 at 10:09:01 PM PST

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    •  Wells Fargo was mentioned in KC (none)
      Recently we had a case where the home of an active duty National Guardsman was on the forclosure block. The forceclosing creditor, it was rumored, was Well's Fargo.  The forclosure was cancelled as soon as the story hit a local television station (which wouldn't identify the bank.) A local bank spokesman said so sorry and bowed deeply.  The name of the bank was not mentioned. Don't want to offend anybody.

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