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  •  A Perfect Opportunity here...................... (none)
    I have thought for quite some time now that Veterans issues would be a perfect way for Democrats to attack the right while doing some good for a change.

    The current War on Terror with its prolonged and mismanaged activation and re-activation of Reservists and National Gurdsmen has proved a recruting disaster to the services, financially destructive to many servicemen and has created a healthcare crisis in many Reserve and Guard military families as well as overburdened the already slim health services of the active duty military.

    Dems would do well by proposing legislation that supports Reserve and Guard Healthcare, Wage increases and enhanced benefits to make military service more equitable and attractive. This could be done at the State and National level and should be done across the board by Democratic Governers and Dems in Congress.

    It should be done in a sweeping manner with a tremendous amount of press coverage.

    I am as much a supporter of Gay and Abortion Rights as anyone however shouldn't Servicemen's Rights garner as much support from our party as Gay Rights or Abortion Rights. Servicemen's rights as a Democratic issue may actually win us a few votes and win us some seats to more effectively support our agenda for a fair and inclusive society.

    •  murray-akaka (none)
      murray-akaka amendment kind of got overshadowed (by ANWR). basically failed by party line vote (i think there was one repub defector).

      akaka has (rightfully) taken a beating over ANWR, but this was a pretty good piece of legislation that i thought could have really hurt senate repubs (but then again, i thought kerry would win in a landslide). nowadays, when people say "only in america.................."

      btw,  i hope your pbr stands for PABST BLUE RIBBON

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