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  •  Never met the guy but... (4+ / 0-)

    I did do work at their home with his wife Carol and staff. Carol had a very severe heart attack and basically died some years back. One of his staff told me the story that the doctors wanted to call it quits as it was clear that the heart attack was so bad she was certainly brain damaged and they figured she would just be a vegetable. Al would not hear of it. He camped in the hospital for weeks and she finally pulled through. She did suffer brain damage but let me tell you she was a riot - sharp as a tack, lots of memories there. Couldn't walk too well - she used a walker and had staff at hand. But Al called it right.

    I never cared about sports, have nothing to say about the Raiders, but he sure loved his wife and she loved him. I never met his son, but wow - I was really inspired by Carol and the staff at his house. I was just a contractor dude but they were so nice to work with - a lot of people in those circumstances treat you as a little less than them. That was NOT the case at Al's home. I really hope Carol and the staff are dealing OK - there was a lot of love and caring there.

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