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View Diary: Police Violence: Another Big Difference Between The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street (205 comments)

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    Yesterday I expressed my frustration with the quality of the news flow out of Boston, and the impulse was to start to believe that I could dismiss the sense of alarm and outrage by categorizing as spin and hyperbole. But there were many fruitful discussions (and a bit of meta) between various groups and things are a bit clearer for me today.

    Boston has the distinction of being the source of much of the energy that created this country. Perhaps it is just the place to make a point that the brief (and truly outrageous) violence that occurred in NY appears not to have made.

    Some protestors in NY walking down the sidewalk were deliberately targeted, penned and assaulted. That is a very Big Deal. It indicates an entirely different attitude in the authorities running the police forces in this country towards those aged 45+ and the young folks that created and are driving the OWS movement. The older group characterized by the Tea Party were treated as trusted citizens by authority. The OWS protestors, even with permits, have been viewed and treated by some police as suspects and portrayed as threats to the city. Clearly they are a threat to someone but I absolutely believe the local citizenry isn't afraid of them.

    Since no one seemed to take up on this clearly discriminatory disparity after the events in NY the point perhaps needed to be made again. The middle aged conservative protestors are viewed as legitimate and to be treated with respect, but the young are to be dismissed, ridiculed and if all else fails, to be put down. That is a serious problem and this attitude needs some exposure and national examination if the next generation is to have a seat at the table where their futures are decided. The NY OWS group has it's vital role of leading the evolution of the movement and hopefully creating the model for the peaceful and prolonged protest.  Maybe Boston is just the place to force the conversation about this blatant discrimination.

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    by ricklewsive on Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 08:46:36 AM PDT

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      Veterans for Peace that the Bostonian Police assaulted and whose goods were trashed by the same police were not college students in the main but a range of ages include grey hairs like me.

      And I have the feeling that the Police who did said assault probably were thinking "oh shit, I just punched an old vet! What were my bosses thinking?"

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      by glitterscale on Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 04:25:49 PM PDT

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