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  •  don't judge yourself the way they do (1+ / 0-)
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    that's what the wingers say about us libs and OWS, that we're whiners...pain is pain, desperation is desperation, and it's real. people here generally want to help. I know, it's easier to feel compassion when it's not for yourself. but getting support is good, even though it can feel kind of like being naked to air all our "stuff" out like that.

    •  I think cruel people experience many (2+ / 0-)
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      makettle, demoKatz

      of the same emotions that we do, but where we tend to turn them in on ourselves, they tend to turn it outward and direct the pain and desperation at someone else.

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      ladybug53, demoKatz

      When I diary what's happening it is like I am naked before the world, open to all the "slings and arrows" of people like the young man in the picture. I tried a psyche last year, but I didn't like the guy and I felt like it was a waste of time and money. I really don't have either commodity to waste. Would it be better to "crowd source" my support? I suppose that is what #ows is really about; parts of the 99% group supporting other parts of the same group, at least emotionally. However, if I laid it all out there I might hurt Pa, and that's the last thing I want to do.

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        I think it can be worse to keep it in, if it's important, and some things can get big and out of control if you don't let them out.

        It's ok to try different therapists to find one who feels good for you. I've looked at it mainly as a space for me to talk just about me, not have to worry about the other person and their stuff, and just unload. That alone was valuable. There are sliding scale centers, you could even pay something like $5 or something per session. They may be interns, but I don't think it necessarily matters.

        It's hard to be vulnerable, even while blogging anonymously here. Some people could say hurtful things, but they for sure are jerks...try not to do that to yourself, either.

        I can't imagine being an adjunct, I'm not in academia myself but as I've been exposed to that world my heart goes out to you.

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