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View Diary: San Jose: Millions Withdrawn from Bank of America and Wells Fargo! (288 comments)

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  •  And us, too. (18+ / 0-)

    Because we can't be there physically doesn't mean our hearts aren't there, and I hope that all of us have said, "So long, (  name of your bank here  ), and are using cash instead of credit cards.

    I don't really think of the brave people on Wall Street, in Boston and in the other "Occupation Zones" as "them" and us as "us."  We're in this together if we want a chance at the American dream for ourselves, our neighbors, our children and our grandchildren.  

    •  I agree old gardener, (9+ / 0-)

      and I used "them" or "they" meaning the powerhouse  and heart of the movement that is present in NY, leading the movement and getting the most of the media's attention.

      Today is the first time I'd heard of the Nov. 5 bankTRANSFER day movement, and I keep up. I cannot get that information out the way those in NY at OWS could.  That is what I meant by "they." Like I said, how great would it be to see a sea of signs reading "Move your money" marching down Wall Street, with the media being forced to publicize the bank transfer movement---talk about sending a chill down the banksters spines.  This is the kind of direct action that could hurt them quickly.

      But I do mean "us" when it comes to what I can do, here in my neck of the woods.  Been meaning to do this for awhile, and so this is the time.  Have spent the morning researching credit unions in my area and will make a decision this week and begin the process, so that I can pull my money out of my bank on Nov. 5.  

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