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View Diary: Vanity Fair: “The Woman Who Knew Too Much.” (Elizabeth Warren, “I’ve done brutal.”) (226 comments)

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  •  so, what about them yankees? (38+ / 0-)

    when do we have a serious discussion about brand politics then?

    Elizabeth Warren is great and a desperately needed voice. I am grateful for her... more than I can say. She and OWS have revived my hope.


    .....when do we throw brand Dems under the bus? When do we jettison these idiots? Seriously.

    Let's not primary Obama? Why because he didn't want to go after BushCo? Because I might lose my right to abortion?

    We still don't get it. Electing professional big D Democrats has made it harder for the progressive community to break out and find human beings like Elizabeth Warren to place into service.

    Electing professional big D Dems has done nothing but protect and enlarge BushCo because many of them are part of BushCo... let's just be honest here.

    People like Elizabeth Warren will be sabotaged unless we step in, like OWS, and start unelecting some big name Big Ds, including a cry to primary Obama.

    And about losing those abortion rights? Virtually already gone since docs have been scared off of performing them. And that's the point, isn't it?

    Same for health care, environment and on and on... whatever Dems say is meaningless unless they fucking enforce it. And they don/t.

    Without real teeth in the law, with enforcement and people in government enforcing law and policy, it doesn't really matter what stands on the books.

    does it?

    •  Let's not primary Obama? (0+ / 0-)
      Let's not primary Obama?

      I mean sure go ahead, man.

      run your guy/gal...

      What do you think?  Dennis K?   Maybe get Ralph N?

      hey Al Gore could do it!   But time is a wasting.. better make your calls soon.

    •  Obama is a giant vortex down which (4+ / 0-)
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      pfiore8, blueoasis, wonmug, HCKAD

      progressives throw energy, pro and con.

      we should be concentrating on Governor's mansions, state legislatures, and the House.

      I honestly don't know what to do about the Senate.

      Being ignored is the difference between being a one percenter and an American.--sweeper

      by SouthernLiberalinMD on Thu Oct 13, 2011 at 10:32:32 AM PDT

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    •  pfiore8, great comment, except, I can't agee that (2+ / 0-)
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      pfiore8, blueoasis

      to primary Obama is in our best interests.   I'm all with you in removing professional from the original intent of Congress to serve the USA, not the special interests, and not solely for bringing back the "pork" to their states.  

      This is not a party battle, it is a fight for the values upon which this country claimed independence.

      •  your last sentence is beautiful (1+ / 0-)
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        Seamus D

        and i love the idea of pendulums too!

        but Obama is not turning out to be in the best interestes of the country or the world, imo.

        losing this election would hurt, but not as much as not be able to admit that we need to move in some other way to solve our problems.

        it is better for a rethug to take office than for us to keep voting for the lesser of two bad choices... epically bad choices.

        we need at some point to say ::: it's enough and we are not playing this game any longer. we are moving off your board and throwing away your rules.

        at this point, the mess is like being in 50 below zero weather ... and saying a rethug in the WH will make it 70 below. at that point, what really is the difference?

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