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View Diary: Vanity Fair: “The Woman Who Knew Too Much.” (Elizabeth Warren, “I’ve done brutal.”) (226 comments)

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  •  know your enemy [opponent] (23+ / 0-)

    That was an engaging article- difficult but well worth the read. Two segments that particularly stood out illuminating the other side's thinking.

    One described Warren's conversion from a Republican. It was inspired by her desire to investigate the alleged fraud in bankruptcy.

    “I was going to expose these people who were taking advantage of the rest of us.” What she found, after conducting with two colleagues one of the most rigorous bankruptcy studies ever, shook her deeply. The vast majority of those in bankruptcy courts, she discovered, were from hardworking middle-class families, people who lost jobs or had “family breakups” or illnesses that wiped out their savings. “It changed my vision,” she said.

    Funny how the truth seems to have a liberal bent.

    Another segment described Wall Streets reaction to the collapse. They blamed it on stupid borrower's and risky government loans.

    In short, there is no remorse, let alone a sense of obligation, because bank executives generally do not believe they were the cause of the financial collapse.

    One characteristic of psychopaths is the inability to feel remorse. Those rants against banksters are sounding less and less hyperbolic to me now.

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