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View Diary: Taibbi: My Advice to WS Protestors w/update on picture (157 comments)

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  •  They couldn't have a better partner. n.t (16+ / 0-)

    Yes we can, but he won't.

    by dkmich on Thu Oct 13, 2011 at 04:03:52 AM PDT

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    •  Sorry, but they could have a lot better partner (42+ / 0-)

      if Taibbi keeps giving out such bad advice.

      The LAST thing OWS needs to do is start into a policy prescription plan. And that's what Taibbi is advocating here.

      1. Break up the monopolies. .

      2. Pay for your own bailouts.

      3. No public money for private lobbying.

      4. An immediate repeal of the carried-interest tax break.

      5. Change the way bankers get paid.

      Who does he think OWS is, congress? Can you imagine the finished product of this legislative agenda? Even if you can suspend disbelief long enough to imagine that congress would ever take up such legislation.

      Matt is a great reporter. But he's a horrible political strategist if he thinks this is what OWS should try for.

      It's really simple. Until we remove Wall Street's grip from our government, nothing will matter and no reform will be possible.

      And we cannot remove Wall Street's grip until we get the money 100% out of the political process.

      Didn't we learn anything from the health care debate and the financial reform efforts?

      Did we think Dick Durbin was using hyperbole when he said the banks "frankly own the place?"

      Nothing we attempt, from climate change to health care to poverty to fair trade, will ever get fixed until we ELIMINATE the corruption of our campaign finance system.

      Hopefully, in the future, they will look back on this time when we allowed our politicians, even our judges, to be bribed with cash, the way we look back on the days when women couldn't vote or people were kept as slaves.

      That's  how absurd our campaign finance system is. How completely dense does one have to be to ever think we can fix anything without fixing this first?

      Name me any serious problem facing us today and I will trace its roots to money buying our politicians off.

      What OWS needs to do, is keep it simple and stick to the top priorities: Our #1 demand should be to COMPLETELY remove money from politics. That is the root of our problems. And all other problems stem from it.

      It will possibly take a constitutional amendment. So be it. We've done it before on issues that didn't have as much public support as getting money out of politics does. Prohibition anyone?

      If we could succeed at getting the money out of politics, that would be no less than a 2nd American Revolution. Imagine, in 20 years, we would have politicians in office who had to win on the merit of their ideas instead of how much money they could raise.

      Then, and only then, will we be able to tack our very serious problems.

      •  there is nobody that has been ahead of him (7+ / 0-)

        in the non academic world.  so he's definitely the right person.

        they'd be way better off with logical policy than the platitude heavy (no offense to anyone's)

        i'll send you my copy of griftopia if you want it.

        i need a rails developer to help me with a cool map project

        by rasfrome on Thu Oct 13, 2011 at 09:28:53 AM PDT

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        •  I have Griftopia, in hard back and on audio tape (17+ / 0-)

          I have read/listened to it more times than I can count. For a month, it was my workout tape.

          I didn't just say he was a great reporter. I put it in bold so there could be no missing it. And to clarify further, I support almost every one of the Tiabbi's proposals. They will be good policy points if and when we ever get a clean enough government to actually enact such measures.

          Okay? I didn't mean to insult Mr Tiabbi. I'm a big fan too. I just don't don't believe those proposals are very realistic.

          Look, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity here. If this movement continues to grow, which I believe it must, then we have a chance to make a few changes that will really matter.

          You want "logical policy?" From who? Some kind of quasi-protester-congressional super committee? Is there anything about the last 10 or 20 years that gives you the impression that Congress is capable of creating logical policy?

          lol. And besides, that's not how protests work. When it gets to the point where millions are marching in the streets, we're pretty much at the start-over stage. Did you happen to catch what happened in Egypt? lol.

          OWS is not a legislative body. It's not a lobbying group. There is no logical process to enact logical policy from camps in the streets. From the streets is where we the people demand fundamental change. And believe me, some do want to start over.

          I'm trying to offer fundamental change that would constitute the equivalent of a second revolution without having to start over.

          Platitudes? Do you even know what that means? It means, "Find a way to move forward" or "Build a bridge to the 21st Century" or, "Winning the future."

          Trite, worthless bullshit. That's what platitude means.

          I'm talking about correcting a fundamental flaw in the architecture of our nation. There's nothing trite about it.

      •  OWS is made up of American citizens (9+ / 0-)

        According to the First Amendment to the US Constitution, they have the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  That includes allowing them to lobby Congress for changes in financial regulations.

        Congress works for and answers to all of us, not just to Wall Street.  

        Taibi is offering policy positions, not specific legislation.  Expanding on those positions with policy statements - what legislation should and should not include -  is an excellent starting point.

        Congress currently allows banks and their lobbyists to craft regulations and legislation right in their offices.  That's a practice that needs to end, with greater influence given to individual citizens.

        "When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?" Eleanor Roosevelt

        by Betty Pinson on Thu Oct 13, 2011 at 10:42:07 AM PDT

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      •  I agree (10+ / 0-)

        At this point, I believe the movement should be about pressure.  First, the 1% have to feel their presence.  They have be made aware of the power of the movement.  Then you can start making demands.  

        In my opinion, actions that demonstrate people power should be the focus now.  For example, planning a withdraw your money from the big banks march and account closings- with the whole group moving from one large bank to the next to close their accounts- would be very effective.  I also think the march to the homes of some of the wealthy was a good move.  Let them know you know where they live and they cannot hide from the people.  Tonight they plan to portest outside a Broadway opening against a 1%er.  Keep the heat on, keep active.  I think that's the way to go.  

        Legislative demands will come in due time.  These trade agreements should be roundly criticized and protested against.  Make it clear that this movement does not see party, but only what's fair and decent and good for the country- and what is not.  

      •  The root of the problem (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        blueoasis, rocklawyer
        Nothing we attempt, from climate change to health care to poverty to fair trade, will ever get fixed until we ELIMINATE the corruption of our campaign finance system.

        Absolutely agree.  The root, the core, of all our problems stems from the corruption of our electoral process.

        Break the grip of Big Money on our government.  

        The concept is easy to understand and supportable across the political spectrum.  The fix is easy as well.  The problem is why would our politicians want to change a system which benefits themselves so richly.

      •  I could not agree more (1+ / 0-)
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        Not on the assessment of Taabbi's advise but on the movement never gaining ground because of what I call blatant bribery.

        But it seems so embedded, many Americans have become convinced that buying politicians falls under the First Amendment right of freedom of speech.  

        The first stepping stone to reality should be those places where the publicly subsidized are using taxpayer money to influence government, subsidized corn lobbies, pharmaceutical corporations collecting government grants, oil companies and their tax breaks, the taxpayer supported military industrial complex and banks that took bailout money.

        Perhaps that step getting some time in the national debate could lead somewhere but where it seems to be going now with the general population is nowhere.  

      •  Great reply rocklawyer (0+ / 0-)

        I admire Taibbi as much as anyone but you nailed the overall issue.

      •  Tiabbi said these were suggestions on Countdown (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        to Keith last night. He even said that they probably don't need his advice on what to do. He was very humble about it.

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