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    San Jose: Millions Withdrawn from Bank of America and Wells Fargo!


    Ms. Unoball got an email this evening with some very good news.

    The message came from People Acting in Community Together, PACT. This is an interfaith organization dedicated to protecting the rights of minorities and the needy in the San Jose (CA) area. PACT represents 25 congregations and 50,000 people.

    (I'm not an official with the group, by the way, so I am not speaking here on their behalf, but just passing information along.)

    The message they sent Wednesday evening was stunning.

    On Wednesday, PACT and Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church announced that they were withdrawing up to $4 million from their long-time banks and transferring those funds to local credit unions.


    Father Eduardo Samaniego announced that the parish is moving its $3 million account with Bank of America, where the church has done business for at least 20 years, to a community credit union.

    See the video!

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